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We believe, all events no matter how small, deserve quality and elegance that only Flair Bar can offer.

Our highly skilled team of event organisers and internally trained team of personnel, undergo regular training and evaluations in order to maintain our superior level of service. Flair Bar prides itself on our hands-on approach, attention to detail and we recognise that it is the minor details, which characterise our elevated service standard.

With 12 years of experience, Flair Bar understands what is required in terms of excellent service. The result: Events that are unforgettable!


The iBar is the first commercially available multi-touch, interactive, customisable bar in the world. It is taking its place in history as a pioneering example of interactive technology.

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Bar Service



Developed through years of research and experience, Flair’s range of mobile cocktail bars (portable bars) has evolved into a pure representation of what Flair Bar stands for. Our mobile bars can be molded around any theme to enhance any event.

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Flair Mobile Bars has been hosting Whiskey & Cigar, Wine & Chocolate and food pairings for over 3 years now and with raving success.

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At Flair, we concentrate on the essence of what makes a regular person a true bartender. The first step is professional service, customer relations, and sales skills. We then add style, sophistication and Flair to the mix, shake it up a little and garnish it with entertainment!

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Team Building

Event Specialist

Staff Hire

Ever wanted to learn how to shake and stir your very own cocktail creations? Join us in our Cocktail Making Masterclass and learn how to create a selection of the world’s most popular cocktails from scratch. With a twist of skills, a good measure of like-minded people, a splash of expertise and you’ll be serving up and of course, enjoying a selection of favorites

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As a leader in the events industry we offer a complete event solution and are able to assist with any event requirements. We plan and provide for all types of events, from corporate events to party planning. We create the concept to completion, matching the precise needs of our clients.

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As part of a formidable list of services, Flair Mobile Bars offers the talents of some of South Africa’s top flair bartenders. An increasingly rare breed in today’s mixology-focused industry

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