Flair Bar is a specialist reactive and interactive media platform and integration company based in South Africa. We offer the best of international media platform trends to our clients, developing systems and campaigns which engage with the consumer. Backed by a support-driven and passionate team, we are able to provide complete technical assistance, creative interpretation and project management skills across all projects. Focused on providing leading-edge technology, innovative software components and extensive back-end monitor-ing, reporting and maintenance, we have the capacity to offer full package solutions for all our platforms.

The iBar™ has already transformed events, exhibitions, product launches and top night spots all over the world. The iWall™ can transform any standard wall into a fully responsive and interactive surface. It can be used as either a front or rear-projected system. The iWall™ is an amazingly flexible design tool and can create a brand experience that never gets dull or tired. Transform any venue from underwater world to techno-lounge in an instant. Fill walls with touch sensitive interactive information such as music playlists, or your brand communication space with easily accessible product information and crowd-stopping effects


Break through your target audience’s barriers and create interest and involvement. Interactive surfaces create experiences and engage consumers. Experiences create communication. Communication builds brands. Marketing communication is no longer a spectator sport. It is an interactivity sport, where consumers get to touch, feel and engage in the brand experience.


Don’t just make money behind the bar, generate recurrent revenue on the bar. By using it as a great media support. Change the entire design of your interior just with the flick of switch. Make the contact between brand and consumer fun, engaging and memorable.......

Create interactive promotions to enhance brand awarness and use the surface as an interactive display for your POS

Decorate your venue to create a custome atmosphere, that your guests will be talking about for years

Create interactive games to providing a true break-through experience, to keep your guests entertained all night

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