Our Story

In 2006 the Flair concept was born. Headed by an innovative group of South African entrepreneurs, Flair Executive Mobile Bar Service has grown from strength to strength over the last 16 years. Our team, who have a passion for the industry and an unparalleled understanding of quality and service promises to create spectacular events, leaving you and your guests breathless.Our team of talented individuals is taking Flair to new heights function by function. Raising the bar, as we say in our industry. The inspiration that drives us is the opportunity to create dreams from concept to final hour.

We believe in Exceptional Customer Care

All the products and services offered under the Flair Brand have to meet our internal quality and international bartender service standards. Strict measures are enforced to ensure that these standards are regularly met to ensure that each of our clients and your guests receives the standard of service warranted from Flair.

We strive for Environmental Friendly Practices

Out of appreciation for the abundance of beautiful, fresh nutritious ingredients, the earth has provided to us for thousands of years, the team at Flair make exerted efforts to ensure that the supply remains as fresh and fruitful in the future as it has been in the past. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect our future by preserving the natural integrity of our planet.

The steps we take are simple: Flair team recycles the tins, glass and creates compost from the organic waste. We have our own greenhouse where we produce our own garnish: mint & other herbs, strawberries and limes.