Introducing Flair Cafe, the newest aromatic addition to Flair Mobile Bars and Food with Flair Catering services. As a fully mobile cafe, we bring the perfect mix of class, taste, and enjoyment to your next event, no matter where it takes place.

Flair Cafe now offers a top quality service without compromise. The fuel that drives the Flair Team is simple – passion. Our team comprises of the best in their industries, we are energetic and stylish and we absolutely love what we do. Our trendy designer mobile bars and state of the art equipment will create the perfect environment where clients, guests or friends can meet and delight in our gourmet, speciality coffees and complimentary foods.

The culmination of the total experience is exciting and educational, as our top, quality trained baristas will engage with your guests, teaching them a little about various coffee and speciality choices, and tempting them to try something new.

We’ve been in the food and beverage industry for 6 years now and we’ve never run out of steam, because we continuously encourage our clients and partners to raise the bar on their expectations of our services.

We pride ourselves in consistent business and believe that endorsement from our longstanding clientele speaks for itself.

Flair Cafe’s entire existence is one thing: striving for coffee perfection. We haven’t reached it yet, but we are enjoying some amazing coffee on the way. Flair Cafe takes coffee pretty seriously and accepts no compromise in the pursuit of great tasting coffee.

Flair Cafe keeps it simple; take great coffee, craft it with pride and passion, treat the whole coffee experience as a culinary art and operate sustainably from top to bottom.

Where possible we buy our coffee beans from our supplier who sources their green coffee directly from the farm to guarantee that the family farmers we depend on for excellent coffee are getting a fair deal. This ensures that the farmers who grow our coffees are compensated fairly, allowing the profits from their harvests to be reinvested in their own communities.

The entire coffee team at Flair Cafe thanks you for your enthusiastic support of great coffee! We are honoured to serve you with such great coffee and to be able to work with such amazing customers. We love having you as part of the Flair family!