Let us train you

Our guide to being a perfect bartender, a salesperson and a mixologist, all with a shot of flair. At Flair, we concentrate on the essence of what makes a regular person a true bartender. The first step is professional service, customer relations, and sales skills. We then add style, sophistication and Flair to the mix, shake it up a little and garnish it with entertainment!

“Respect the training, honour the commitment and cherish the results”.

Flair trains a variety of bartenders, from beginners behind the bar to Flairtenders alike, if you are an individual wanting to learn a skill that can take you around the world or a Bar Manager wanting to boost sales, customer satisfaction and to minimise on wastage, then allow Flair Executive Mobile Bar Services and training will help you reach your goals!

We guarantee personal hands-on management for each and every one of our projects to ensure the smooth running and success of your bespoke event, to suit your budget. Welcome to the F.B.I – Flair Bartender Institute. This is a division of Flair dedicated to educating people in the Food and Beverage Industry on how to provide a level of service fit for royalty. Flair Bar has carefully selected a team of the most experienced, and respected trainers the country has to offer.

This, together with our state of the art training facilities enables us to internally train all your staff to an elevated level of expertise. We train staff internally to work behind your bars so that they can dispense alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to consumers from behind the bar with confidence and maturity, always focusing on the customer’s needs whilst constantly improving his/her level of service, knowledge and customer relations.

Why not outsource your training and allow us to elevate your service standard.

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