Our Flair Bars

Flair Mobile Bars offers a range of meticulously crafted mobile bars that embody our innovation and attention to detail. Our bars can be customized to suit any theme, enhancing events such as weddings, Christmas parties, bar mitzvahs, golf days, and exhibitions. They serve as a focal point, adding elegance and style to create a memorable experience for your guests. Choose Flair Mobile Bars for functional and customizable bars that elevate your event.


Interactive Bar (iBar)

The iBar™ is the first commercially available multi-touch, interactive, customisable bar in the world. It is taking its place in history as a pioneering example of interactive technology. The iBar™ has already transformed events, exhibitions, product launches and top night spots all over the world. Installing the iBar™ at any venue gives you the ability to change the ambiance at the flick of a switch. Give people an experience to remember.

VIP Bar - Mobile Bar

V.I.P Bars

The Flair design team have refined their ideas to create state of the art bar designs that can be customised to each specific function or event. The V.I.P bar can be branded with your businesses logos and illuminated in over 700 different colours to suit the colour scheme of your event. Incorporating a work space designed for speed service with a compact, clean and modern exterior, our designer V.I.P bars would be the perfect choice for you.

Astro 2

Astro Bars

Our latest bar Astro Bar is perfect for those events that want a fresh and crisp feel to their event. The Astro bar will instantly become a centrepiece of your event. Our Astro Walls are perfect pair with our Astro bars. Call us now for more information.


Festival Bars

The festival bars are simple but effective, 2m in length and accommodate 100 guests per bar. These bars are suitable for music and art festivals as well as sports events and public gatherings. These bars are designed for speed service with allocated spaces on the front for branding, and are expected to receive high volumes of people.


Custom Bars

We are also known for our innovative design of sleek bars, providing a fantastic focal point for events. Flair Bar has a selection of bars to suit most needs, if the need arises to custom build a bar for a special event or for a new office building, Flair Bar is the best in the business. Contact us and let us work our magic.

bar 2

Use our Bars for Marketing

Making your brand visible is an integral part of marketing. Flair gives you a unique opportunity to use our bars as a powerful marketing tool. Flair Bars has various branding options with the use of fixed bar systems, bar display accessories and intelligent lighting, creating a stylish and visually magnetic brand exposure.

Designer Bars

Ice Bar

Leather Bar

Bamboo Bar

C-Suit Bar

Wooden Bar

Rustic Bar