Helping you create your perfect event

With over 16 years of experience, Flair Bar boasts a highly skilled team of event organizers who have successfully executed systematic operational procedures at over 10’000 functions. Our internally trained personnel undergo regular training and evaluations to maintain our superior level of service.

At Flair Bar, we take pride in our hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail. We understand that it’s the minor details that truly elevate our service standard. From efficient planning to seamless implementation, we have the expertise to organize and manage small and large-scale events with ease.

Our capabilities extend to multiple bar setups, handling large-scale stock requirements, organizing a dedicated team of staff, and managing high-volume cash bar systems. We have honed our skills to ensure effective organization and smooth operations, resulting in memorable events that are well-thought-out and infused with thoughtful touches.

When you choose Flair Bar, you can trust that your event will be managed with precision, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. Experience the difference of our efficient planning, impeccable execution, and dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences.

How we help you add flair to your event

Hire Furniture

Are you in search of cool and comfortable or smart and functional furniture for events? Flair Mobile Bars can take care of all your furniture hire requirements. We are passionate about ensuring everything works well and looks great!

We lease a wide range of tables, stools and lounge sets. Customised furniture can also be made, on request. Other furniture rental options include:

  • Lounge Furniture
  • Fairy Lights
  • Trestle Tables
  • Plinths (with lights)
  • Mushroom Heaters
  • Any & All Glassware
  • Dance Floors & DJ Boxes
  • Stanchions & Red Carpets
  • Portable Fridges (Regular, Sushi, Etc.)
  • Portable Bar Structures
  • Food Stations
  • Dessert Bars
  • Odds & Ends
    (Ashtrays, Cooler Boxes, Champagne Bowls, etc.)

If we do not have it, it is not a problem! We only make use of trusted suppliers with quality furniture that can source anything you need.


Our world class chefs and service staff specialize in the culinary arts and in providing an out of this world dining experience. Our food division has taken a new view on catering and is looking to provide the public with restaurant quality food in the comfort of your chosen venue.

Tent Hire

Finding the right Bedouin Tent or Marquee – in the color and size you want and need – can be complex. Let Flair Bar help you find one. We’re experts when it comes to event tent hire. Whether it’s a first-time event, just a party, a big festival, an outdoor wedding or a special birthday bash – we have your tent requirements covered. We’ve arranged party tent hire and festival hire for countless events.

Draft Machine Hire

Available to hire, Flair Bar has a double tap chilled dispenser. This dispenser ensures ice cold drinks on tap without the use of electricity. Its perfectly suited for any event that requires drinks on tap.

Rental Rate of R1000 does not include the keg.

KEGS can be arranged from SAB to craft beers, ciders or specialty drinks on tap.

Flair Bar Backpack

Available to hire: An effective and mobile backpack mainly makes versatile selling and sampling of beverages of all kinds possible.

Backpack dispenses non-carbonated, hot and cold beverages. Serve hot or iced coffee, hot chocolate, wine, liquor, juice, soup and more through the Drink Dispensing Back Pack.

  • Promotion – A great way to minimise queues and get more people tasting your new product.
  • Fully Customisable- Include your company branding & messaging on all our mobile drink dispensers.

Lightweight – The Backpack is rigid, sturdy, lightweight and fantastically insulated