Team building can liven up any communication

Unleash your inner alchemist and join us for an immersive Mixology Masterclass. Learn the art of crafting popular beverages from scratch, shaking and stirring your way to mastery.

In our masterclass, you’ll discover the secrets behind creating a selection of the world’s most beloved drinks. With a combination of skill, like-minded individuals, and expert guidance, you’ll not only learn the techniques but also have the opportunity to savor and enjoy your own concoctions.

Get ready to dive into a hands-on experience where you’ll mix, muddle, and garnish your way to beverage perfection. With a twist of skills, a splash of expertise, and a vibrant atmosphere, our masterclass guarantees an enjoyable and educational journey through the world of mixology.

Join us for an unforgettable Mixology Masterclass and take your bartending skills to new heights. Cheers to learning, creating, and savoring the art of beverage craftsmanship.

Ideal for creating a vibrant team-working atmosphere, these events are perfect for internal team building and offer a great way to entertain clients.

Guests are treated to a dynamic experience through interactive games involving the whole crowd, learning new skills taught by some of the world’s leading experts, and, above all, bonding while having fun.

Engage in various activities and be guided through different techniques, tricks, and challenges. Then, utilize your own equipment and creativity to customize the perfect experience.

For those seeking a bit of healthy competition, teams can choose their own challenges and compete against each other – certificates and gifts are presented to the winners.

Whether it’s a team of 10 in your department or 100 in a company, our events can be easily tailored to your occasion. We are more than happy to accommodate changes to the program for shorter time periods – we have several other formats if your event has specific requirements.

Choose from our diverse range of event options, which can be hosted at a venue of your choice, including offices, hotels, event spaces, or through our recommended bars and venues.